ANOTHER DIMENSION opens in Fall River

Last Friday, I unveiled a new series of site-specific vinyl installation at Fall River Museum of Contemporary Art.

ANOTHER DIMENSION opens in Fall River
Left: Camera obscura experiment at opening at FR MoCA, 6.28.24 - Right: Iris Motif for exterior window framing the lens.

The exhibition titled "Another Dimension" features two rare illustrative works by the legendary visionary artist, Paul Laffoley. FR MoCA asked me to help create a bridge between Laffoley's work and the rest of the show that is composed of a camera obscura and new paintings by Mosie Romney, Nick Irzyk and Lizzy Sour. Through researching Laffoley's work, the history of camera obscura vs. abstract painting and the concept of the "hypercube" or "tesseract" I visualized a series of found models, original drawings and designs that took form as vinyl plotter-cut prints on the museum walls. During this process, FR MoCA directors, Brittni Ann Harvey and Harry Gould Harvey IV took me on an enigmatic site visit to The Newport Tower Museum. Local interdisciplinary historian, Jim Egan gave us a two hour tour and presentation of his decades of research into who he believes built the mysterious tower. This experience set me on a path of investigation into mathematician and mystic, John Dee which I then incorporated into the installation. In addition, I wrote a short press release text for the show and put together an Exhibition Reader trifold pamphlet.

Exhibition Reader for Another Dimension, available for download -> here

Over the next three months, I will publish a series of short articles explaining each of the diagrammatical drawings and found models. This is a story that spans centuries into the past, future and encourages interdisciplinary thinking into time and space. I don't want to reveal too much, too soon. This is an exhibition that is all about the experience of perception, so you really need to see it firsthand. Drop by the free art museum in Fall River, Mass. It is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday with extended summer hours: 12-6pm. Join us for a special event: curator walk-through on Saturday, July 13th - 3-5pm

Visitors gather at the opening of Another Dimension, 6.28.24

Stay tuned for more programming throughout the summer!

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