Punctr.Art is a digital micro-publication by Jak Ritger.

A message from Jak:

I am an artist/writer/activist in Boston, Massachusetts. With Punctr Art, I want to present on-going concepts that influence and are influenced by my art practice and activism work in turn. The goal is to develop useful frameworks for understanding our rapidly complexifying world. Ideas, analysis, and critique contained within these walls is speculative, non-exhaustive, contradictory, and subject to change.

If you have found your way here, please stay a while, look around, and enjoy. Touch anything and steal whatever is not nailed down. This project is a living work. LMK what I got right or wrong or what doesn't make sense, let's hash it out and refine these tools together.

Thank you for imagining. - Jak Ritger @ja_ak_rtgr

TRLLM is a directing team of K8 Howl and Jak Ritger. They create music videos for independent musicians. Currently, they are in production on their first short film. contact: trllmstudio@gmail.com or @trllm_studio on IG